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Lauroyl Glutamic Acid

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Lauroyl Glutamic Acid

Lauroyl Glutamic Acid is made from glutamate and lauric acid through chemical reaction of Acylation and neutralization. The product contains more than 95% active substance in non-uniform white powder and particles, with slight characteristic odor, mainly used as the intermediate or raw material of mild facial care products such as facial cleanser.


Product Properties: 

Plant-origin, natural and mild;

It will produce exquisite foam and feels soft and comfortable after washing;

It is compatible with soap based products to reduce their irritation.

Usage Level: 5%~30%

Package: 25KG/Carton

Notes for Storage and handling

Store at cool and ventilated place. Avoid rain and strong light. Keep it sealed when not in use. Keep it away from strong acid, alkalis and oxidants. Handle with care in case of spilling.


Mainly used in hair and body care products, such as shampoo, body wash, liquid soap, facial  cleanser, and mild baby care products.

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